BOTTEGA BARONE – Gallery & Creative Hub

Bottega Barone is a gallery and a creative hub, a space where art is exhibited and created. Freelancers from the creative industries work together on art, culture and communication projects under the motto “art is work, work is art”.

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Bottega Barone – Gallery & Creative Hub

Who we are

We are a group of freelancers from the creative industries who work together in the inspiring atmosphere of a gallery to create art and realise cultural as well as communication projects.

Our small but select group currently includes an agile business coach, an art educator, a project manager and a communication consultant.

What we strive for

We aim to create a space where creative people can develop and find a common path. To boost our creativity, we use synergy effects deriving from our group. All our communication is inspired by our motto: art is work, work is art.

Our origins

Rocco Barone is one of the founders of the Bottega Barone. Together with his students, the maestro d’arte creates figurative, deformed and abstract works in his art workshop art workshop near Frankfurt.