BOTTEGA BARONE – Gallery & Creative Hub

Bottega Barone is a gallery and a creative hub, a space where art is exhibited and created. Freelancers from the creative industries work together on art, culture and communication projects under the motto “art is work, work is art”.

Contemporary Art – Exhibitions & Artists

In our gallery, we showcase contemporary art by renowned as well as unknown artists. Our exhibitions present works of all forms of expression, styles and techniques of the fine arts: from painting and graphic art, sculpture and photography to installations. In addition to exhibitions addressing a variety of topics, we also organise art talks, performances, discussions, lectures and other events.


To highlight the importance of diversity, we create exhibitions focusing on a multitude of topics and showcasing various styles and techniques.



We work together with artists from all over the world. They all have one thing in common: they believe in synergy, and love communication and creative exchange.