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Bottega Barone ist eine Galerie und ein Creative Hub. Ein Raum, wo Kunst ausgestellt und erschaffen wird: Freelancer*innen aus der Kreativ- und Kulturwirtschaft arbeiten gemeinsam an Projekten der Kunst, Kultur und Kommunikation, unter dem Motto “art is work, work is art”.

Gallery Bottega Barone

“Italian Journey” by Rocco Barone

25.04.21 – 16.05.2021

Rocco Barone takes us to his country and shows us enchanting Italian landscapes: whether in the hilly landscapes of Umbria, the Tuscan Campagna or at the sea of Sicily – Rocco Barone accompanies the viewer through a country, that enchanted already Goethe during his Italian journey. Through the simple and quiet tones Rocco Barone conveys in his works the simple beauty of nature, which does not need big words.

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