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Bottega Barone ist eine Galerie und ein Creative Hub. Ein Raum, wo Kunst ausgestellt und erschaffen wird: Freelancer*innen aus der Kreativ- und Kulturwirtschaft arbeiten gemeinsam an Projekten der Kunst, Kultur und Kommunikation, unter dem Motto “art is work, work is art”.

Gallery Bottega Barone

Im Meer der Dinge

In a sea of things

21.11.2020 – 09.01.2021

Philipp Sonntag

Especially in these times, art and culture is a blessing and we don’t want to take that away from all those interested in art – even if there are a few small rules to follow:

We are allowed to admit only 5 clients contemporarely and we kindly ask you to always wear a mask in the gallery and to follow the corona rules.


Thank you for your understanding! You can find more information about the exhibition here.


We look forward to you!