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Bottega Barone is a gallery and a creative hub, a space where art is exhibited and created. Freelancers from the creative industries work together on art, culture and communication projects under the motto “art is work, work is art”.



Exhibition by Diana Achtzig

From 03.10.2020 till 31.10.2020

Women still experience powerlessness vis-à-vis partners or employers in professional life and within relationships. “Many women are not even aware of their own power,” explains Diana Achtzig. “It is time for women to learn to achieve their goals, to demand their wishes and needs!”.

The Berlin artist processes female strength in her pictures. Sometimes subtle, sometimes provocative, sometimes symbolically packaged – the power of women runs like a red thread through the works of art. The couple relationship plays an important role in this. Diana Achtzig does not limit the “couple” only to the relationship between woman and man. In addition to same-sex relationships, self-confident women are also depicted with animals, which usually have a symbolic meaning.

Special Exhibition EROTICA

Special Exhibition EROTICA

By Diana Achtzig and Rocco Barone, 12.09.2020 – 26.09.2020
Exhibition LIBERATION!

Exhibition LIBERATION!

By Rocco Barone, 25.06.2020 – 18.08.2020